Month: September 2019

Who is wedding coordinator? Before discussing the main things, First let us explain what a wedding coordinator in Hunter Valley actually is. The wedding coordinator is pretty much a gift from the gods on your wedding day. They are the woman or man behind the curtain, making sure that your wedding day goes as smoothly as possible, so you don’t have worry about anything. They are not the person you call out after you get engaged to help you to pick out the perfect wedding venue, caterer, florist or other design details, but they will take all the hard work and research you have done and turn those plans into reality. You typically meet a wedding coordinator several months or several weeks (depending on the service level you opt to get from them) before your wedding to go over your wedding timeline, guest count, venue details and more.  

Things to consider 

One of the most important time in life is “wedding day”. This is something for you to remember as long as you live. The wedding day is the official announcement, that now you are legally united with your love. Every person is worried about how to make their wedding day as memorable as they can, and the best way is to hire a wedding coordinator. There are few important things you must consider before hiring a wedding coordinator.  

  1. Coordinator must save your time 

The wedding prop hire in Northern Beaches takes almost 200 hours to plan. A good wedding coordinator saves allot of your time. He took all the burden of on his shoulders, he spends his days and night in planning your big day and they reduced their time to just few hours, which they call you for a meeting to have a look on what he has plan for you.  

  1. Arrangements on reasonable rates 

Before hiring a coordinator, check whether he is saving your money or not? Find out if he is spending money on extra things which are not necessary just to  

increase his payment and not concerned to your budget, do not hire him, as a good wedding under an average budget is the thing every couple wants.  

  1. Standout wedding team 

Wedding vendors include photographer, venue, florist, music pros, Videographer, caterer, transporter, beautician, dress designer etc. Before hiring a wedding coordinator, explore his wedding vendor team because wedding vendors are pillars of good wedding, so must consider this thing before hiring a wedding coordinator if you want to make your wedding a memorable event of your life.  

  1. Valuable advices  

A good wedding planner will know the ins and outs of the wedding industry. They will know exactly which vending venue will accommodate your wedding size, fit within your budget, yet also give you the atmosphere you want. It’s his responsibility and job to advice you sincerely about the things which will be best for your requirements for your wedding day, neglecting is own interest and benefit.  

  1. Wedding arrangement according to your demands 

A good wedding coordinator all your wedding vendors setup time and details a month before your wedding he will create your reception room diagram and create a detailed timeline of your entire wedding day. A god wedding planner take it as his duty to turn your dreams about your wedding into reality. So, see the passion of wedding coordinator then hire him.  

  1. Stellar management of wedding 

The wedding day is full of stress and require allot of managements. Manage the photographer, caterer, all the guest etc., it’s the duty of a wedding coordinator to synchronize and manage the big day of a couple and release stress from them, so that they can freely enjoy their wedding day. So before hiring go through his profile to get enough information about his management skills, in order to avoid any unfortunate event on your wedding day.  

There are many more things which you should have to consider before you hire a wedding coordinator. Choose wisely because your wedding day comes once in your life and remain in your memory for the rest of your life, so more excellent wedding means more pleasant memories throughout your life.