Month: November 2020

If you are not addicted to drugs or suffering from any major psychological illness, feel lucky. Are you trying to get over an addiction and failing or searching for help for a loved one who is involved in this kind of substance abuse? The experts have established a luxury rehab centre in Melbourne that is a clinic for all the addicts or patients suffering from major issues. This rehab is situated in the heart of nature. Rehabilitation is the restoring action of someone towards normal life or health through therapy, training, or counselling after a long time of illness, abuse, or imprisonment. 

At the private Hills and Ranges clinic, the rehabilitation centre is one of the top places of experts that hold their degrees to treat the addicts of alcohol, illicit, or any other disorder. We are the rehabilitation centre that works on mental illness as well. 


We offer the proper treatment for mental illness or all other types of addictions. We have designed specific types of treatments for all the patients. Hills and Ranges take pride in being the most luxurious rehabilitation in Melbourne, who will undertake the responsibility and offer the best services. Aside from counselling, we offer the 5I® recovery treatment that is incorporated with physical activities. We come forth as the private drug rehab that makes use of the aesthetic natural views and healing power of nature. 


Our staff is trained here, we understand our purpose and strive to provide the basic facilities in our private drug rehab. We need to show empathy with a drug addict. The addict is going through a lot; thus, we have made this experience luxurious. With the finest location and use of modern techniques and technology, we strive to do the wonders. We aim to bring back life in our rehabilitation centres. 


We offer all the basic facilities to the patients we prompt the physical activities in our rehabilitation centres. We take good care of professionals. As you are supposed to stay in this environment, we offer you a luxurious setup as in work in our private drug rehab in Melbourne, where you can sit and continue working for a longer period. This environment is safe and prognostic. We will keep on supervising you throughout your journey. 


Besides having the experts and getting comfortable in knowing all the techniques, we take advantage of our locality too. We try to provide the best solutions and enhance the spirit of involving nature in your healing. We have established a luxurious setup in the heart of nature. This peaceful yet safer environment is all you are after. This gives you a state of mental peace and you can continue your life in a better way. 

Rehabilitation Centre and Drug Detox in Melbourne 

Drug addiction is physically and mentally damaging and profoundly impacting an individual’s career or life, but here is help offered in the way of private drug rehabilitation centres with handling services. We offer prime services here. It is not always easy, and situations get uncomfortable too. But we have designed everything in a way that will help to promote a sense of healing in our rehabilitation centres. These places own peace and healing power. Well-known as the one rehabilitation centre in Victoria for offering luxury facilities, pure green environments can help you to bring peace to your mind. 

Consideration Drug Addiction 

Although substance abuse special effects people differently, enchanting drugs is known as an addiction where your craving inhibits your routine life. Relationships both professionally and personally can be damagingly impacted and come to a point of fall apart during this period. At this stage, a drug detox scheme in one of the greatest reputable private drug rehabilitation centres is offered, with complete services to comprehend your addiction and assist you to overcome it. 

We are not like other rehabilitation centres and offer a 12- step program and focus on the innovative ways to deal with your drug addiction matters. You can contact us at any time. We have experienced staff that will help you to understand your mental illness. We make you believe that nothing is impossible and focus you making you able to restore your willpower and self-esteem. Our experts know how to trick the mind and focus on building a strong image of your personality. 

Nowadays for business, keeping all of their information well-managed is essential. Whether you’re sending out high value couriers, or you would like to digitise your old photographs, TIMG is here to provide you with a one-stop solution. Being one of the top information management service providers in Australia, you do not have to worry about managing any type of information anymore. One particular problem that most businesses face is transporting valuable goods from one place to another. When we say that we’re here to help you manage each and every information business operation out there, we really mean it. Our high value couriers services are in place to ensure that any package you’re trying to send is delivered successfully without any interventions in between and the contents inside remain well-secured and confidential.  

Moreover, this is not the only thing that TIMG specialises on, because you can also get negative scanning in Canberra done by us. People often want to digitise their old memories and bring them into their computers, and regardless of how bad the quality of the negatives is, just leave it on TIMG to help you find a solution. So, what do we do differently than the rest of the information management companies and why you should trust TIMG? Let’s see. 

Easy Couriers  

Are you sending a courier somewhere and would you like to make sure that the contents inside remain safe? You can trust TIMG for the job. We always ensure that your high value couriers are treated with utmost priority. When it comes to transporting high value couriers, you cannot just hand them to every other delivery service you find who would handle things recklessly. You need to get the assistance of professionals who could provide your courier with the necessary protection during transportation that not only the contents inside stay safe, but also, completely secure.  

Digitise the Negatives  

Are you searching for negative scanning Canberra? Remember when we said that we can provide you with solution to all your information management? We really meant that because whether you want to get negative scanning Canberra, or something printed on paper, you can expect us to provide you with the assistance you require. In fact, TIMG also specialises in providing you with digitised solutions. If you would like to digitise your work data, then you can expect us to provide you with a quick and efficient solution so you’re able to move forward. 

Timely Deliveries 

When it comes to sending out high value couriers another important thing is timely deliveries. The reason you cannot trust just about anyone with high value couriers is because if you would want them to get delivered before a certain day, then you can never be sure that whether the courier services you would choose are trustable or not. However, in the case of TIMG you do not have to worry about a thing because the one thing that we prioritise the most is to ensure that all your couriers are delivered in a fully timely manner. 

Highly Reliable 

Apart from providing you with negative scanning Canberra and courier services, there are numerous other departments that we could assist you in. If you want an overall versatile team who you could rely on, then TIMG would be more than happy to assist you. Some of our other services also include digital backups and what not! So, if you do get negative scanning in Canberra done by TIMG, then another major advantage of it is that you could get a backup prepared for it on the spot as well! Therefore, if you would like to make all your data or confidential information private but at the same time easily accessible for you, then you can rely on us to help you out. 


There is a reason that we’re the go to information management services in Australia for most people. If you do face any problems with managing your information or would like to digitise it then you can rely on TIMG to assist you. Moreover, if finding reliable high value courier services was a hassle for you, then that too would become the least of your worries after you start trusting us.