Month: May 2021

For commercial purposes, of course here we mean companies engaged in real estate sector or other corporate entities seeking any new acquisition for having a proper corporate office. It does not mean that cadastral surveying services are not relevant for domestic properties. However, usually corporate sector hires professional land surveyors for multiple purposes. Basically, cadastral services are primarily hired for establishment and re-establishment of boundaries in any property. They carefully map and distinguish neighbouring and adjacent properties. Attention should be given that their services are not merely limited to marking boundaries but also include some other crucial aspects which include but not limited to a) preparing and furnishing of pre-inspection reports b) land surveyors also examine quality of land, soil etc. c) they provide fair value estimations for land and constructed properties d) one would be in a better position to choose different designs before executing construction activities e) they provide close cost estimations of the project f) they furnish best dividing estimates for domestic and commercial properties and lot of other things to ponder.  

Evaluating the quality of a property 

Strange? Like, usually people evaluate quality of products before buying. Here, attention should be given that cadastral surveying services also takes for assessment about topography of any land or plot. Like, there would always be a need of having an expert opinion before dealing with any complex project. They assess the quality of soil, strength of a ground before building any structure, any structural or environmental issue, assessment and identification of specific ground surfaces more prone to flooding etc. No one can deny that all these aforesaid factors are very much cardinal and should be considered before taking property related decision. Of course, property related transactions incorporate different kinds of financial and non-financial risks.  

Assessment about fair value of a property 

Unlikely than real estate industry, where dealers or property agents do not have to cope much in ascertaining the fair value of a constructed house/office, remember that evaluating a monetary essence of any undeveloped land would be trickier and extremely difficult. For this purpose, all what can do is to have a right land surveyor on board who can provide close and appropriate cost estimates for any developed or underdeveloped property.   

Have a pre-purchase report 

Sometimes people ask how much relevant or important is to have a pre-purchase report before buying or leasing any property? Here, one must brace this reality that it is one of the most critical factors to manage. Before spending lifetime saving, one can hire professional land surveyors and obtain pre-purchase report. Such a report will take account in a) assessment about capability of a land to hold tall and heavy structures b) assessment about useful life of a property c) monetary essence of a property d) analysis about for what commercial purposes it can be used etc. Everyone knows that such kind of report will definitely dispense in making a right decision.   

Help for construction activities 

Cadastral surveying services provide direct assistance for construction activities. Most importantly, one will get a cost estimate and so, chances of running out of budget in middle of a project would become immensely trivial. Secondly, they furnish different maps and designs to builders/contractors with respect to specific needs and demands of their clients and by virtue of their innovative approach, constructors will find it very easy to structure most suitable and appropriate building design. 

Cost of hiring 

Yes, everything comes with its cost. Undisputedly, one may find that they charge slightly higher prices for their professional services but if one makes cost vs benefit analysis, one will definitely find that benefits of hiring them will easily outweigh their cost of hiring. Moreover, in order to strike low cost deals, it is advisable to go online and find best and reputed land surveyors. It has been seen that customers usually enjoy more bargaining power via online medium than physical mode of hiring.  

In a nutshell, just like real estate agents, one must never ignore the importance of cadastral surveying services for any domestic and commercial property due to above stated constructive factors.