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Amongst all forms of shopping, shopping for babies is arguably the cutest and nicest. Those of us without little ones can only wistfully look at the wide selection of miniature sized things available for babies. From minuscule sized shoes small enough to fit in our palms, to the most delightful outfits – babies can be dressed up as anything from bumblebees to unicorns to vampires – the list really is endless. Then come the toys, deciding what toys to get for the newest member of the family is much more confusing and difficult than deciding whether to dress the baby up as a unicorn or a starfish. With such a wide range of toys out there and with each toy seeming cuter than the others, picking out a few can be the toughest job ever. For the youngest of children, it can be even more of a hassle. With children in their first year exploring the world primarily by their mouths, almost anything can be a choking hazard. In addition to this, with their sore gums and with many babies having a tendency to reject toys based on appearance, many of the toys we pick out so painstakingly may be rejected by the grumpy baby. Thus, it is absolutely essential to keep in mind the baby’s preferences while we shop. 

When shopping for children in the first year of their lives, we need to make sure that the toy serves a greater purpose apart from just being ‘cute’. With toys nowadays leaning towards the pricier side, we need to make sure that we get our money’s worth, and that can only be done if the toys we are buying will captivate the baby’s attention for more than at least 3-4 months and if the toys offer some stimulation of the baby’s developmental processes. Toys that may seem utterly useless and often an annoyance for us, such as rattlers can often be essential for proper growth of our baby as they may be stimulating developmental processes. In the case of rattlers, this can be developing auditory skills and hand-eye coordination.  

The one toy which can be an absolute must for babies in the first year of their lives, however, is a teething toy. With babies being prone to crankiness owing to sore gums, having something to chew on can not only be a distraction but can also ease the pain. Most teething toys on the market, however, come with many risks. The toy needs to be large enough to prevent it from being a choking hazard, and also needs to be able to be cleaned easily, as it’s going to spend all its time in baby’s mouth. Most teething toys can fall short and can either be too small, or prone to accumulate bacteria. Sophie giraffe, however, is an iconic French toy teething toy that is perfect for all your baby’s teething needs. With Sophie’s legs being perfect for baby to chew with the back side of his mouth, and the head being perfect to chew with the front of the mouth, she can be the perfect chew toy.

Sophie giraffe’s squeaking can also make her perfect to play hide and seek with, as she can be hidden under a blanket and squeaked for baby to come to find. This makes her an incredibly diverse toy, as she can sooth baby’s gums, be entertaining with her squeaks, and is a breeze to clean! Sophie giraffe really can be one of baby’s favorite toys! Whether you’re shopping for the newest member of your family, or giving a gift for a baby shower, The Baby Gift Company can help you find the perfect Sophie giraffe toy. From teething rings or premium baby gift sets or even bath toys, there is a whole plethora of Sophie giraffe toys at the Baby Gift Company waiting to be squeaked!

With the Baby Gift Company you can pick out the best Sophie giraffe teething toy today, and can rest assured that Sophie’s diversity of application will make her stand out from all of the other toys. Not only will she be a delight for the baby to play with, but she can also be a comfort as he prepares to pop out his first teeth!