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Books are the treasure of us and when a person who is well read goes anywhere he or she stood out best. A person may travel here and there and experiences life is obviously so enriched with true sense of self and whatever is happening in this whole world but he cannot beat the person that one person who is well read. A well-read person saves time and learns more rejoicing the experiences if other, inculcated them into his life and sees the results. Thus, if you are one of they welcome to the club. 

In this pandemic time you cannot obviously hurdle into the libraries and going to bury your head into the libraries to find one fine book. Books are obviously grand and huge live of every book lover. But this time and era is revolutionised. People are changing and so is their priorities. People here are more into the era of digital reading. Thus, if you are finding for one fine publishing company you get all your new writings published plus looking for advisers and seeing contemporary fiction books then Genji and Co is your favourite spot. 


This place is heaven for book lovers and those who like to spend maximum time exploring and reading the moving ideas of other writers. This era is evolving so does the issues. Our social issues and approaches to tackle and grab the attention of the current census is changing. Meanwhile, we cannot jump into something different and entirely innovative. To wrote well, I the beginning you just read a lot. Reading all the quality books.  Literature helps a lot in this regard. Do not you know the whole history of those people who have done remarkable jobs in their relevant fields?  

Literature and Fiction 

Asian literature beholds the name of many well-known writers, story and fiction writers plus poets. All those who were the founding fathers of a new era of love, concern, and genuineness. This era has helped people a lot in realising their true parietal and naming their thoughts. When it comes to this situation, we are the one you need to trust. This place holds record of Asian literature and all is authentic. All the writings of great poets and writers must not be tempered. Here, we assure you to offer the literature that you are after. You can sit and entertain yourself with best of Asian literature just a click away. 


The World of fiction leads us to another world. Though it has been said there is not any other picture of reality but here fiction comes as a guardian angel holds our hand and takes us into a time where there is another picture of fiction. People are pleased, happy and thinking out of the box. Contemporary fiction books are present wherever writers have aroused the custody of people, while holding hands and take them into another world that is away from reality.  

But here is one best thing of contemporary fiction books that it do not take you far away from the reality, instead keep a check on you and keeps you closer and connected to the reality. People will getting know how of the modern issues and how these issues are wasting our energies. Though the stories or chapters might be fictional but the outcome and lesson of contemporary fiction books is always thought provoking.  

 Come Here 

We value our readers and keep in mind their interests. You are going to explore whole new era of books and fictions here. Stay connected with us and we are happiest to bring out gest from your days. You are going to spot all the new publications, old and new Asian literature and critics over here. Thus, say hello today and rest is up to us that how we are going to entertain you in our capacities.   

People who are connected to our contemporary fiction books are finding it favourite. They are upon the course of changing their lives for the best and we are helping them in this regard. Thus you are going to find better solutions for all your issues. Come and have a quick eye view of what are you going to find? 

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