Prevent back pain while driving

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The world has become very fast paced and the people that have enrolled themselves in its race have become so busy. You may find yourself in a continuous cycle that you are unable to break from going to work and then coming back and also running various errands of the house and kids. While you are dedicating so much time to others, you may never pay attention to yourself until you find yourself a victim of various body aches. Throughout the day, a large part of your time may be spent in the car especially if you are a working mom that also has to pick and drop the kids and then go to various extra-curricular practices. Add all this driving to a lack of proper nutrition and you may land yourself in a lot of back pain. Although back pain is a common problem but if you don’t pay attention to it and brush it aside for too long then it may become a long-term problem that has to be dealt with by going to the hospital. It is especially common among those people that spend most of their time driving and the chances of having it also increase with age. So why does driving cause back pain? It is because our spine is designed for moving around rather than being stuck in an uncomfortable position for a long period of time which is what causes the pain. Many people experience lower back pain at some stage in their life but it is vital to take extra precautions such as car seat lumbar support in Australia so that you don’t risk it becoming a permanent fixture in your life.  

Things to do 

Along with external entities such as car seat lumbar support, here are some tip for drivers to put their backs at ease while driving: 

  • The back rest should be adjusted so that your back makes contact with it from your bottom to the shoulders. However, refrain from reclining too much as it will make you strain your head. If you cannot reach the correct position then simply use a car seat lumber support that is designed in a such a manner that mimics the shape of the spine.  
  • Adjust the steering wheel so that you are in a comfortable position which will also help relieve some pressure on your hands to improve circulation. 
  • You can also move your seat forwards or backwards so that your elbows are at a 90-degree angle when holding the steering wheel.  
  • Your bottom should be firmly placed with the back of the seat to support the natural curve of the spine which will also reduce pressure on the knees.  
  • Position your mirrors in such a manner so that you can easily view them without straining your back. 
  • In general, try to take regular breaks and even if you lift things to and from the car, you should keep your back straight.  

Benefits of lumbar support cushion 

Even when you are doing most of the tips mentioned above, you may still experience residual pain in your back which is why it is a good idea to invest in a lumbar support cushion as your health should be your top priority. A lumbar support cushion will bolster the natural shape if the spine which is the S-shape. The lumbar curve is at the lower part of the back and has a natural inward curve; and this is where most people experience pain. The support will help all parts of the spine as well as the muscles there so that they don’t get stressed from staying in one position too long.  If you like to go on long road trips then a lumbar support cushion is the bet solution that will make all your trips and commuting much easier. Your posture may also be affected from the long hours of driving but with this cushion you will slowly but surely see an improvement in your posture. If you feel pain, it can add to your stress level and even the smallest pf things can put you off. So, get the much-needed pain relief in the form of a lumbar support cushion.  

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