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More than 40% of Australian households own a dog. The majority of them treat their fur baby like a part of their family, and for all the good reason. The loyalty of a dog cannot be compared to any other pet.  

But if you do plan on keeping a dog, then there are dozens of responsibilities that you have to fulfil as well. Grooming a dog isn’t easy, especially for experienced pet owners. If this is your first-time, then it’s easy to go wrong so it’s best that you learn from experts. 

If you’re happen to be located at Bayside in Australia, then look no further as Murphy’s Paw has got you covered! They have the ultimate solution to all your needs for dog grooming in Bayside. Taking your dog to a professional groomer may not be something that you’ve considered before. However, it’s just as important as anything else. 

So why you should get dog grooming in Bayside from Murphy’s Paw? Let’s find out!  

Years of Experience 

Dog grooming requires experience, otherwise, things can rather take a turn towards the wrong direction. What do we mean by that? Well, dog grooming needs to be done with care and the temperament of your dog also has to be taken into consideration. Sure, if you’re grooming a pug, then you don’t have anything to worry about.  

They don’t usually attack people or show any violent tendencies whatsoever. You could do anything to them and they won’t budge as long as you give them their treats once done. But if you’re planning to wash a dog like Shiba Inu, then prepare for all hell to break loose. They’re going to do so much drama and move around so much that you’re going to regret all your lives decision.  

So instead, if you want dog wash in Bayside, then get the assistance of Murphy’s Paw. They have years of experience in dog grooming and have dealt with even the most dramatic fur babies out there. If you’re a first-timer, then you should consider watching them to see how they approach the grooming session.  

Using Quality Products 

A dogs’ skin is quite different than of a human. If your dog has layers of fur, like in a golden retriever, then you have to be extra careful with grooming and the products you choose. You can’t just use any shampoo that you find over-the-counter on them. In fact, you shouldn’t even be washing them as much.  

If you’re confused what products to use to wash your dog and how frequently you should do it, worry not as you can get dog grooming in Bayside from Murphy’s Paw. They’re fully going to guide you through the process and also, take extra care to ensure that they use the right products to make your dog’s fur luscious. 

And it’s also worth mentioning that if you use the wrong products to wash your dog, it can irritate their skin. Similarly, the same effects can occur if you wash your dog too often. Some experts even say that washing a dog even once a month is a lot, but of course, it may vary from breed to breed.  

Detecting Other Issues  

If your dog has a lot of fur, then there’s a chance that they may be facing some problems that you may not be able to notice yourself. However, professional groomers can easily spot them. While grooming your dog, they can identify and lumps and bruises that their body may potentially have.  

After that, they can also advice on whether it’s important to take your dog to a vet to address the problem or not. So if the sky-rocketing vet bills for a single inspection sound too much to you, then perhaps, you could consider getting dog grooming in Bayside from Murphy’s Paw.  

They’re going to help you groom your fur baby and also let you know at times if there’s something that you should get checked from an expert.  

Final Thoughts 

Dog grooming can be difficult, especially if this is your first-time owning a dog. From using the right products, to making sure your dog doesn’t become too violent while washing, there are many things to look out for. So get grooming and dog wash in Bayside from Murphy’s Paw to make your life easier!  

When people want to transport the horses from one place to another, then they make use of different things. For the horse, you can use the horse floats. The main purpose of making this float is to give the best and accurate transportation.  

In the market, you can see various types of horse float manufacturers. But we are good at them because we provide the best horse float for sale Victoria. Hence, you can visit the store and get the best possible horse floats at reasonable prices. 

Different types of horse floats: 

Aussie 2HAL: 

This horse float for sale in Victoria is best. If you want to buy a horse float for a single horse, then it is the best choice, you can get a variety of things in this. It includes the electric brakes, window, living area, water tank, and other facilities. The horse float manufacturers design this horse float of about 2200 mm long x 800 mm wide x 2850 mm long from point to point. You can get this horse float for $30000. 

2HSL Tuza: 

One of the best horse floats for sale Victoria. You can buy this amazing horse float for $8000. In this, you will get the dust cover with the removable divider. You can transport a single horse in this float. For a horse, there is neck room at the front. So, it gives easiness to the horse to stand and breathe. Hence, the main purpose of the horse float manufacturer is to give the best room to the horse. 

Livestock horse float: 

If we see at a previous time, then the equipment used for the horse transport was simple and handmade. Still those types of horse float for sale Victoria are available in the market. You can buy them for $18000. They can bear the load from 13000 kg to 35000 kg. You can load the float with several horses. The horse float manufacturers build it by keeping in mind the natural environment. 

Two horse float: 

If you want a big room for two horses, then this horse float for sale Victoria is a good choice. You can select this horse float. The horse float manufacturers think that they have to design the horse float that can help to transport two horses at a time. Hence, the size of the rooms is big than the single room. Its load-bearing capacity is also good. You can buy this horse float for $ 8500. 

Three horse floating: 

As we have mentioned earlier, that the horse float manufacturer after designing the best horse float for the single horse move to design more rooms for the horses. So, this is the three-room horse float. You can get this horse float for sale Victoria for $5000 to $8000. The range depends on the type and material used in this horse float. 

Three horse luxury rooms: 

A semi-trailer is used for loading three horses. The horse float manufacturers design this luxury horse float for the people who buy the expensive horses. It is better in various ways, the room for the horses is great, and they can travel easily from place to place. You can get this horse float for sale from Victoria from $7000 to $9000. The range depends on the type of horse floats. 

AU and NZ horse float: 

If you move for the higher demands, then the money price rises with the facility the horse float provides. Hence, you can get a well-polished and build horse float by the horse float manufacturers. They have done detailed work on it and gives the best product to the people. At our store, you can get this horse float for sale Victoria. The range is from $12000 to $15000. 


In a nutshell, the horse float is essential when the horses have to be transferred from place to place. For this purpose, you can get a variety of options. Select the one that best suits your requirements. The range of the horse float is from cheap price to high prices. So, if you guys love to enjoy the amazing horse float for sale Victoria, you are at the right place